Forget working from home – working from anywhere is about to take off
Thursday, 3 March 1:15PM Perth | 4:15PM Sydney 

COVID has afforded organisations the opportunity to consider what is a healthy work environment?  How do I set my business and employees up to thrive and what is the future of a good employer?  A recent Gartner study found the decisions leaders make today will have a direct impact on employee engagement, attraction and retention. It found it’s not enough to think about engagement strategies; employers need to position support strategies that meet employees where they are as they manage their personal and professional lives.

In the second part of this webinar series our health, wellbeing, security and mobility experts debate this topic and outline strategies to support:

  • Hybrid working
  • Working from home/ remote(people who have moved domestically in pandemic)
  • People who have travelled home to visit family and friends and are still working
  • Domestic employees hired to deliver on overseas projects due to the closed ANZ borders 

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Employees engage when there is flexibility, stability and workload management to enable them to navigate the integration of work and life. Managers must double down on empathy to better understand what employees need to be productive and provide enablement, not just engagement tactics.  

Fiona Holman, Health & Injury Manager at Glencore joins us to share their journey in understanding their workforces wellbeing needs and the strategies they putting in place to create a healthy and sustainable working environment.

Rachel Lewis is an award winning occupational psychologist, specialising in work, health and well-being. Rachel will discuss how to organisations can answer the big questions around how to set their business and employees up to thrive over the next year and beyond whilst their employees work from wherever.

Fiona Holman
Health & Injury Manager
Dr Rachel Lewis
Registered Occupational Phychologist
Dr Andrew Ebringer
Medical Director
Rebecca Malzacher
Senior Director