The comeback of corporate travel | How should companies be planning
Thursday, 5 May - 2 PM Sydney | 4 PM Auckland
International travel is recovering, data from our 10,000 clients spanning the globe show volumes now up to 44% of pre pandemic levels and averaging a monthly growth of 15%.

So how do you navigate todays traveller landscape of increasing conflicts, biological threats, COVID lockdowns, natural disasters and disease outbreaks?

Join us as special guest Steve Leah, from Telstra, along with Dr Jane Muir and security specialist James Robertson talk you through the 5 steps to an effective and safe travel program roadmap:

  • Leveraging real-time data
  • Embedding agility into planning
  • Personalising the travel experience based on safety and comfort
  • Communicating with clarity
  • Support to deal when things don’t go to plan

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Steve Leah - Protective Security, Safety, Security & Wellbeing - Telstra
James Robertson - Security Director
Dr. Jane Muir - Medical Director, Occupational Health
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