THE WORLD IS FRAGILE: Social unrest due to inflation, climate change, food shortages…
Thursday, 18 August - 2PM SYD | 4PM AKL

From Cairo to Colombo, Manila to Melbourne, protest movements over cost-of-living pressures, stagnant wages and climate change have emerged as a key source of risk to global organisations.

Protests in both low and high risk settings will almost certainly increase in frequency and severity this year, as food and fuel inflation squeezes societies and governments recovering from the pandemic. For travelling staff, it can mean transport disruption due to industrial unrest and incidental exposure to protest violence. 

As an organisation, being able to provide early warning of protest likelihood and impact, probable protest methods and tactics, and advice and support to travelling staff is crucial for duty of care.

Join us as our panel discusses how this current environment requires careful planning, an effective response mechanism, robust travel and organisational crisis management and business resilience planning.

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Tyson Sara - CEO of CMAXX Advisory
Sally Llewellyn - Regional Security Director, Europe, Middle East, Africa
James Robertson - Regional Security Director (Moderator)
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