Building organisational resilience, insight from International SOS’ employee Chief Security Officer
Thursday, 7 April - 2 PM Sydney | 4 PM Auckland
2022 has brought about new challenges on top of those that have plagued organisations for the last two years. 

As we just pass the second anniversary of the global COVID-19 pandemic we see the Ukraine conflict and the broader ramifications for Europe; climate change effects here at home through significant flooding events; infectious diseases with Japanese Encephalitis in places it has never been seen and as borders open and social distancing wanes how will the 2022 flu season play out?

David Cameron, International SOS Chief Security Officer has been at the helm of our employee safety and security throughout the pandemic. He shares with us his experiences of managing and deploying staff throughout the pandemic as well as more recently into conflict zones to support our clients and their employees.  David will discuss how we as a company plan, build resilience and manage crisis.

We will discuss what is best practice and the importance of scenario planning/ escalation planning and testing your crisis management plan.
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David Cameron - Chief Security Officer
James Robertson - Security Director
Dr Andrew Ebringer - Medical Director
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