Assignee Challenges During COVID-19
Thursday, 30 July -  2 PM Sydney  | 12 PM Singapore
Organisations have faced new challenges during the pandemic around their overseas assignee workforce. Should we bring our remote workforce home? What are the tax implications if they come home early? How can we support them if they stay abroad? When should we send them back overseas – and should their family go with them?

Join our expert panel with guest speakers from KPMG as they discuss how to manage assignee challenges during COVID-19. They will share case studies and best practice advice on lessons learned in the first half of the year. 

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Be sure to submit your questions when registering. Our speakers will answer as many as they can in the remaining time at the end of the webinar.
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Dr. Doug Quarry – Group Medical Director, Medical Intelligence
James Robertson – Regional Security Director
Rachel Groenhout - General Manager, Assistance
Jennifer Wilson - KPMG
Terry Hoban - KPMG
Dr. Andrew Ebringer – Regional Medical Director
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