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Tuesday 8 February 2022  15:30 GMT
Are you prepared for the coming year's complex risk outlook?  Please join us as we forecast the major risks for 2022, underpinned by extensive research from a survey of around a thousand risk professionals across 75 countries conducted by Ipsos MORI, and based on the expertise of external specialists and our own health and security teams - together with the local and industry-specific knowledge of our own experts based in Aberdeen and London.

Our Medical Director, Dr Stuart Scott, and Head of Mental Health, Resilience and Wellbeing, Carolyn Taylor, based in Aberdeen,  together with Harriet Brennan, Security Manager for the UK and Ireland, based in London, will give their predictions for the coming year in a session hosted by David Ellis, General Manager, Scotland.

The challenges posed by the arrival of the omicron variant and the reintroduction of some restrictions remind us how volatile the world is.  Join our panel as they discuss and advise on how organisations can best prepare for and reduce the impact of this and other types of disruption - looking at, for example, the challenges and duty of care implications of hybrid working; how to ensure the safety of your employees when they travel for work or return to the workplace; the 'Great Resignation'; and of course the mental health effects of the pandemic and resultant societal changes.

The webinar is expected to last around an hour and will be followed by a Q&A.
Dr Stuart Scott
Medical Director, Scotland

As Medical Director, Scotland, Stuart provides medical advisory services to offshore operators, drilling contractors, service companies and vessel operators.  

Stuart is also clinically responsible for our occupational health services across the UK, our Aberdeen-based Topside service, offshore medic training centre and the global International SOS MedDive service.

He is a member of the Energy Institute Health Technology Committee, a member of the Oil and Gas UK Occupational Health and Hygiene Technical Committee, a member of the Society of Occupational Medicine and a Diplomate of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine.
Carolyn Taylor
Head of Mental Health, Resilience and Wellbeing

Carolyn works at a strategic level to drive our clients' health agenda, in conjunction with her medical colleagues.  

She has over 20 years' experience across a range of industries, with a specific focus on supporting the energy industry. Over that period, Carolyn has built an extensive knowledge base, visiting offshore installations around the UK and Europe, conducting training, workshops and providing individual support on all aspects of mental health, resilience and trauma.   

Carolyn is an accredited CBT psychotherapist, an accredited EMDR practitioner, Mental Health Trainer, Post Trauma Consultant and Trauma Risk Manager.
Harriet Brennan
Security Manager, UK and Ireland

Harriet is Security Manager for the UK and Ireland, responsible for supporting and delivering bespoke security services to our diverse client base. Leveraging her expertise and experience in Africa, the former Soviet Union, and Middle East regions, she advises and supports clients on best practice in terms of policy, procedures, and planning.  In this role, Harriet has conducted various incident management exercises and assisted clients in developing their travel risk related policies and security training.  

Harriet has worked with multiple organisations to improve their escalation preparedness and response, crafting tailored escalation plans for global management teams, as well as deploying on-site to create tactical plans on the field level.
David Ellis
General Manager, Scotland

David joined International SOS as Operations Manager, Medical Services Europe in September 2016, becoming Offshore and Business Operations Director during the Joint Venture with Iqarus, before moving into the role of General Manager, Scotland in 2021. 

Prior to joining International SOS David was Head of UK Service Support for Siemens, responsible for the development and implementation of service support strategy in the UK for the Power Generation business.

David holds a First Class Hons degree from the University of Liverpool, and obtained his MBA from Robert Gordon University in 2018.
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