9 December 2021 at 10:00 GMT/11:00 CET
In the first half of this session, you’ll hear our predictions for the year ahead based on survey responses from nearly 1,000 senior risk decision-makers from 77 countries. 

Our experts, joined by some of our clients, will discuss:

  • Will 2022 bring a degree of stability to workforce risks after a tumultuous year?
  • What are set to be the key challenges impacting employee productivity?
  • What operational barriers should organisations prepare themselves for?
  • And finally, based on lessons learnt from 2021, what should be a focal point of business’s crisis management strategies going forward?
Our research also suggests office working and travel is set to reach a ‘new normal’ before 2023.

In the second half of the session, some of our clients will share their experiences on how they have prepared their businesses and people for 2022, and what their ‘new normal’ looks like.

Our Risk Outlook research last year correctly predicted that ecopolitical turbulence would exacerbate tensions, civil unrest and crime and mental health issues would be a primary productivity disruptor throughout 2021. Our strong track record in identifying trends has helped organisations prepare for the challenges ahead for over 35 years – join our webinar to anticipate what 2022 holds in store for businesses.
Dr KATIE GEARY: Head of Clinical Quality
Consultant physician Dr Geary has a wealth of experience in Public Health and communicable disease control. Recently, she was Head of Travel Health and International Regulations for PHE, and for the 2012 Olympics, she worked with the European Centre for Disease Control to survey and assess infectious disease outbreaks for their impact on London. Prior to this, she worked in the Royal Air Force as the Public Health consultant in the Surgeon General’s Department. Currently, Dr. Geary is leading, implementing and delivering a global clinical quality framework for our global healthcare contract with the US Department of Defense.
ERIKA WEISBROD: Security Director, Intelligence & Assistance
Prior to joining International SOS in 2013, Erika was employed for over a decade as a civilian intelligence analyst within the US Department of Defense. Erika holds a Master’s degree in International Relations and International Economics and a Bachelor’s degree in Russian studies. Now, Erika is responsible for our 24/7 Regional Security Centre (covering Europe & North, West and Central Africa), which provides around the clock security monitoring, intelligence and assistance to protect our clients' people.
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