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China in COVID-19 Transition: Situation Updates & Advice
January 12th, 2023 10:00AM EST
In over just a few weeks in December 2022, China had lifted a series of its three-year-long COVID-19 mitigation measures.

While these relaxations unavoidably resulted in waves of infections across the nation, it brings new light for organizations seeking to return to the China market and an optimistic outlook for the resumption of operation to pre-COVID time as well as domestic and international mobility—with precautions, especially during this transition period.  

To share our observations and insights on the ground, we invite our colleagues based in China and the Region to share the latest update on:  

  • the latest medical mitigation policies,
  • the current COVID-19 situation in China,
  • key health advice and considerations to support your traveler and people in-country,  
  • China's standing domestic and international travel policies, and
  • top advice for organizations planning to resume operation or travel to China 
  • Dr. Karabo Mongae, Medical Director, International SOS China
  • Yingyan Zhang, Senior Travel Risk Manager, International SOS China
  • Noriko Takasaki, Security Director, Assistance, International SOS Asia
  • Dr. Myles Druckman, Global Medical Director, International SOS

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