15 FEBRUARY 2023 - 9:00 - 11:30
Buro & Design, Esplanade 1, 1020 Brussels
About the event

According to travel data from our global clients, we have seen a 4 times increase in international trips since Feb 2021, including a month on month growth of 7%. Since the launch of ISO 31030:2021, organisations have accelerated their focus on travel risk priorities and management as business travel resumes in the pandemic, compounded by unforeseen worldwide events.

Join us at this exclusive get-together with our subject matter experts, as well as other like-minded peers from various industries as we delve into the following:
  • Our risk forecast with actionable insights to help you prepare the year ahead
  • How organisations can deploy the ISO 31030 Standard in their travel risk management programmes
  • Best practices shared amongst your peers
Be sure to submit your travel health and safety concerns as part of the registration process as we look to cover off all your topics of interest.
  Our subject matter experts:
Regional Medical Director, Assistance Services and Medical Services
Regional Security Director, Security Solutions, EMEA
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