The return to normalcy for business travelers and hybrid workers in a post-pandemic setting has seen the collision of both new and existing disruption risks. With banks and financial institutions playing a critical role to the recovery of national economies, these complexities calls the need for a revision of business continuity planning and risk mitigation parameters.

Is your organisation well prepared for unforeseen risks? What are the some major business disruptions and latest challenges faced by workforces in the financial sector? Are your existing tools and resources adequate and updated with current trends in operational continuity?

Join our International SOS roundtable exclusively for the banking and financial services sector, where our expert will explore increased health and security risk exposures surrounding natural or man-made disasters, mental health, infectious diseases, the evolving Duty of Care, and more. This roundtable will also consist of a simulation exercise workshop where you will gain actionable insights on uncovering gaps, areas of improvements and best practices when responding to an incident or crisis.
Who should attend:
HR, Health & Safety, General Management, Business Continuity, Security, Travel & Risk Management

Dr David Teo, Regional Medical Director, Asia, International SOS
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Registrations and arrival of guests
Opening Remarks by International SOS
Medical Updates by Dr David Teo (Regional Medical Director, Asia, International SOS)

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Natural & Man-made Disasters
Morning Break
Simulation Exercise Workshop

  • Incident response to travelling assignees contracting infectious disease
  • Crisis response to natural & man-made disasters
Lunch & End
Registration is complimentary. Lunch will be served.
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