(In English)
Wednesday, 25 May 2022  
10:00AM - 11:00AM MYANMAR
As we are returning to work/ office while living in a COVID-19 world, we must not forget about the health and wellbeing challenges that have always been inherent. In order to ensure safe return to operations and workplace, organisations should have a holistic approach in defining the health considerations & response strategies for their employees.

Join our health experts Dr Kyaw Zay Wint, Senior Medical Advisor, Dr Tay Zar Lin, Senior Medical Trainer and Consultant, Ariel Hnin Thet Wai, HR Manager as they will share insights and advices on the following topics:

  • Health, wellbeing and COVID-19 situation update
  • The changes in the landscape of the health and wellbeing at work
  • Health considerations for the return to work/office
  • Stress at work: does it affect the team dynamics?
  • Q & A
This webinar will be hosted in English language and do submit your questions as part of the registration process as we look to cover off all your topics of interest.
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Dr Tay Zar Lin
Senior Medical Trainer and Consultant
Dr Kyaw Zay Wint
Senior Medical Advisor
Arial Hnin Thet Wai
HR Manager