Two years of working through the pandemic has given employees new perspectives and opportunities to align their work with their personal values and priorities. For many employees, their job satisfaction can be greatly dependent on the organisation's ability to fulfill their need for health and safety. Organisations must adapt to how the pandemic has changed the priorities of their employees, and with this, a shift in employer responsibilities to attract, retain and safeguard their workforce in this landscape.

The opening of Malaysia's borders on 1st April is the latest sign towards a return to normalcy, surfacing concerns surrounding workplace health and safety measures. With pandemic-disrupted activities expected to reach a degree of stability by 2023, organisations need to ensure business continuity and operational resilience. Organisations are leveraging on health & security risk management as a competitive advantage to increase employee retention and to manage a resilient return to business activities and travel. What thus does your organisation need to effectively manage the evolving complexities of health and security challenges? Join our experts as they answer:

  • What are the top health & security challenges for organisations in returning to workplace and travel?
  • How have the roles of people managers experienced an increase in responsibilities to ensure the safety and security of its employees?
  • Is your organisation strategically prepared to face new COVID-19 variants and future waves of infection?
  • How can integrate Mental Health & Wellbeing into your risk management planning?

Recommended to attend: Security / Risk Management / Mobility / HR / Health & Safety / Occupational Health / General Management / Business Continuity.

This will be a full hour with our experts, so do submit your questions as part of the registration process as we look to cover off all your topics of interest.
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Dr Chan Yanjun
Medical Director,
Singapore & Malaysia Assistance Centres
Ooi Boon Haw
Security Manager