By: The International SOS Product Team, April 2022

ManagerView 3.6 Release: Personalization and All-In-One Access

ManagerView 3.6 is a single, integrated platform that helps you better monitor and understand how medical and security incidents around the world may impact your people. This release offers a new level of personalization by allowing you to create custom dashboard views with savable filters that are more relevant to you and your people - saving you time and making planning, monitoring and incident response easier.

ManagerView 3.6 also further delivers on the promise of an all-in-one solution for your International SOS digital products. The intuitive interface lets you access Tracker, Site Monitor, Training Hub and other key features through one interface and with single sign on.  

What's New in ManagerView 3.6?

Save Time and Work Smarter With One Interface for Your International Digital SOS Products: ManagerView 3.6 delivers one, intuitive SSO interface for your digital International SOS products. The intuitive interface lets you access Tracker, Training Hub and other key features through one interface with one, single sign on for all (Site Monitor to be added to the App Suite Menu by May 2022).

New Personalization Capabilities let you Reduce Reaction And Decision-Making Time During an Incident: Create custom dashboard views with savable location and alert-level filters that are more relevant to you and your people so you can quickly understand and respond to situations that are relevant to your organization and people
Smoother and More Intuitive User Experience: With an updated, user-friendly interface, ManagerView 3.6 lets you find the information you need, when you need it, so you can more efficiently support your workforce. The new interface let's you more quickly answer common questions around an incident, including who is impacted, where the incident occurred, details of the incident, and what you can do to support impacted people.   

Navigate the Ukraine Crisis with a Dedicated Ukraine Microsite: in addition to the existing ManagerView features designed to help you monitor and respond to the Ukraine Crisis and other situations, this release of ManagerView allows you to access a Ukraine crisis microsite that will provide the most up-to-date assessment, analysis and forward-leaning advice and guidance on Ukraine and surrounding areas.  

Overview Video: See New Features In Action

Bug Fixes and Other Enhancements

In addition to the above feature additions and changes, we also fixed the following bugs:

  • Fixed an issue so users will now be automatically logged out after two hours of inactivity
  • Fixed an error when viewing the impact on inactive Alerts
  • Improved the clarity of Evacuation Notification statuses on all pages
  • Resolved a bug where application permissions were incorrectly applied
  • Resolved issues with PDF exports that some clients were experiencing

ManagerView 3.6 Frequently Asked Questions

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