12 NOV 2021
08:30 Mumbai | 10:00 Bangkok | 11:00 Singapore

Suitable for those with responsibilities in HR, Travel, General Management, Business Continuity, Health & Safety
About the webinar

As the new travel reality sets in with complex and ever-changing regulations, are you prepared to support your business travellers?

Given a dynamic travel environment that may be unfamiliar to most, organisations may see the need to review their travel policies. How do you ensure your staff are prepared to travel after a long hiatus of being grounded? What tools can you use to help you manage travel requirements?

Join us on Part Two of our Return To Travel Webinar Series as our speakers Leo Ng, Regional Security Manager, and  Syazlina Haniff, Regional Digital Product Manager will share on:

  • How your organisation and employees can keep up to date on the latest travel restrictions
  • What processes you should have in place to ensure compliance
  • What is the new ISO standard 31030 - Managing Travel Risks – Guidance for Organisations?
  • Demo of how digital tools such as Tracker, TravelReady, International SOS app and portal, can support travel management, simplify your processes and ensure adherence to policies
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Post-Webinar Recording
Part One | Managing Travel During The Holidays:
The New Reality (5 Nov)
How can organisations manage the pent-up demand for travel during the upcoming year end holidays? What are some crucial aspects to be aware of in your return to travel policies?

In Part One of our webinar series, our Regional Medical Director share his insights on:

  • The new reality and increased complexities of travelling during COVID-19
  • Factors to consider before making flight bookings
  • Measures organisations and individuals can take to prepare for and enable a safe trip
  • Key considerations for an effective travel risk management policy
Speak to us to discuss any questions or concerns you may have for your employee health, wellbeing and security.

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