Vaccinations, Boosters & COVID-19 In APAC (30 Jul)

Simply click on the blue dots at the bottom of the video to watch specific segments
by our speakers, Dr David Teo (Regional Medical Director of Asia, International SOS) and Dr Wong Sin Yew (Infectious Disease Physician, Infectious Disease Specialists Group).

  • 0:02:24 - COVID-19 trends around the world with a focus on Asia
  • 0:11:46 - Vaccination rollout status in Asia Pacific
  • 0:12:52 - Explaining the move towards endemic model 
  • 0:13:54 - Implications of vaccination for the offshore sector
  • 0:18:18 - Vaccine Efficacy
  • 0:19:19 -  Effects of Vaccines
  • 0:28:23 - Variants of Concern
  • 0:38:39 - Re-infections and Vaccine Breakthroughs
  • 0:39:48 - Vaccine Enabled Future: New Approaches and Controversies
  • 0:43:08 - Immunity Duration; Neutralising antibody level; Vaccination doses; Vaccine mixing; Boosters
  • 0:54:40 - Using Antigen Rapid Test (ART) self-test kits effectively

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