Thursday, 12 August 2021  |  3:00 - 4:00PM Kuala Lumpur
To date, at least 43.55% of people in Malaysia have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 21.24% of the Malaysian population have completed their second dose (as at 10:20am, 2 Aug 2021).* As Malaysia carries out its National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme in line with the recently announced National Recovery Programme, it is crucial for organisations and businesses to understand what it means to return to work in a post-vaccinated world and how they can safeguard their workforce in a constantly changing environment.

This webinar will aim to provide the latest situational updates in Malaysia and seek to address frequently asked questions surrounding post-vaccination. The importance of ensuring the physical and emotional wellbeing of your workforce upon returning to office will also be discussed, along with the best practices for implementing travel bubbles and safe work practices.

Our speakers, Dr Chan Yanjun (Medical Director, Malaysia) and Wendy Chan (Head of Sales & Marketing, Malaysia and Regional Director of EMI, SEA) will be exploring the following topics:

  • Understanding COVID-19: One Year Later
  • Malaysia's vaccination rollout progress and the Government's strategy ahead
  • Ensuring Safety in a Constantly Changing Environment
  • Travel bubble
  • Safe to work implementations

This will be a full hour with our experts, so do submit your questions as part of the registration process as we look to cover off all your topics of interest.

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Dr Chan Yanjun
Medical Director,
Wendy Chan
Head of Sales & Marketing, Malaysia
Regional Director of EMI, SEA