CAMBODIA - Building a Resilient Vaccination Programme
Friday, 9 April -  2:00 PM Cambodia | 3:00PM Singapore
As vaccines for COVID-19 are approved, distributed and administered around the world, it is critical for organisations to understand what the implications are for their global workforce. The COVID-19 vaccinations will help to re-enable your operations, however many other factors still need to be integrated in your COVID-19 Return to Operations response.

Join along this webinar with our Medical Director, Dr. Jean Samuel Wartel, Medical Services & Assistance Operations Manager, Dr. Wilfredo Tablante Santos and Regional Director, David Ball as they will be sharing the following topics:

  • COVID-19 outlook & vaccination rollout in Cambodia
  • Keeping your workforce safe with vaccination policies & strategies
  • Challenges amidst of COVID-19 pandemic
  • COVID-19 passport & digital health certificate

This will be a full hour with our experts, so do submit your questions as part of the registration process as we look to cover off all your topics of interest.
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Dr Jean Samuel Wartel
Medical Director, Cambodia

Dr Wilfredo Tablante Santos
Medical Services & Assistance Operations Manager,

Mr David Ball
Regional Director, South East Asia