28 February 2020, Friday
12.30 PM Yangon | 1.00 PM Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh |
2.00 PM Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore |
3.00 PM Seoul, Tokyo | 5.00 PM Sydney

As the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) situation continues to rapidly evolve, join Regional Medical Director, Dr David Teo and Security Director, Aditya Luthra as they discuss:

  • COVID-19 situational update for Asia
  • Is there an end in sight and is this the new norm?
  • How should your business continuity plans evolve together with the situation ?
  • What should your travel policies and approvals take into consideration?
We will open up the forum for questions from the audience at the end of the webinar. There will also be an optional demo of our Coronavirus Information & Planning Advisory Service (C-IPAS) after the Q&A segment.
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