As a world-leading expert in managing outbreaks, our medical and security specialists are on-the-ground providing accurate information on how to mitigate risks and ensure business continuity. Aimed at addressing your organisation’s unique challenges, our Coronavirus Information & Planning Advisory Service (C-IPAS) has been designed exactly to respond to global threats like the COVID-19.
C-IPAS offers 4 key features to help your organisation:
1.5 days expert medical advisory
Provides access to International SOS subject matter expert for advice, education and review of plans
On-going incident monitoring Provides access to detailed status, advice and exposure of COVID-19
Manager to-do lists (playbooks) for multiple scenarios on COVID-19
Provides access to tasks to review your organisation’s preparedness and identifies gaps that calls for attention
Medical content that is kept up to date as situation changes Infectious Disease specialists maintain the content, so your team can focus on business operations
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