A health incident can happen to anyone at any time whether in the workplace, while away on business, or simply when going about everyday life. With the rise in deaths related to non-communicable diseases in Cambodia, the chances of witnessing a heart attack, stroke, or a severe respiratory complication at work are real.
Our certified first-aid training can equip your people with the skills required to reduce the severity of injuries, relieve pain or in worst-case scenarios, perform basic life support techniques (such as CPR) until medical services arrive, which can make a significant difference in a life-or-death scenario.

We can deliver the training at your premises, at remote sites or at our training facility.

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  • First Aid Training in Khmer and English
  • First Aid Training with AED application in Khmer and English

Our team can advise you on the training and equipment that would be the most appropriate for your organisation needs. Get in touch with us now. 

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