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Keeping you and your people informed at all times

When on-the go, thanks to our Tracker tool, teams are also kept up-to date with the latest health or security development at location/destination via email alerts. Tracker automatically sends our latest proprietary health, security information and advice so your people can anticipate problems, look after their safety and minimise disruption to their work.

In parallel, your management teams also receive proactive alerts from Tracker with the latest health and security incidents in countries where you have people. These emails provide information on the incident and show you how many people you have already in or about to arrive in the location. Notifying you proactively about incidents that may affect your people, you stay informed and are ready to make decision on responding. This is also backed-up by strong reporting capabilities.

Tracker offers real-time employee tracking, on-demand and insightful reports and communication with your workforce. This means organisations like yours can plan and act immediately in the event of a crisis or simply arm your people with information that will keep them healthy, safe and secure
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Should the unthinkable happen, we make it as easy as possible for your employee, true to our ‘patient first’ philosophy. We handle all the aspects surrounding an evacuation, not only from a health and security point-of-view which is of course the priority, but also all the logistics and communications necessary.

Identify who may be impacted and communicate with them

Should an issue arise, Tracker saves you valuable time by aggregating employee data, informing you when incidents that might affect them occur and providing you with a communications capability, all in one place.

We also provide you with the critical evidence you need to demonstrate that all reasonable steps were taken to safeguard your people. This can be a great way to display your commitment to your staff, as well as avert unwanted accusations.
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Once you have identified where your travellers are, communicate with them directly from Tracker through the integrated email and 2-way SMS function, so you can contact them swiftly without the delay of using other systems. Reports on the emails and SMS sent allow you to audit the actions taken in response to an incident or event.

We are committed to personal privacy protection and enforce strict Information Security and Data Protection policies.
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