Work Health Services is a suite of services specifically designed for companies operating in remote areas (e.g. Offshore) and/or in highly regulated industries (e.g. Oil & Gas).

Improve productivity through compliance: A business imperative

Whether your company is managing a fleet of drilling rigs, operating commercial airlines or chartering tankers across the globe, you have to face more and more stringent regulations when it comes to the management of the health and safety of your workforce. 

We can help you bridge your compliance gaps, without compromising the wellbeing of your employees. We do this through our proprietary Workplace Medical Case Management system, developed in line with major industry guidelines and regulations such as Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA) or customise some settings to companies specific “Loss Prevention Guidelines” or its equivalent, upon request.

Our delivery model: Local knowledge on a global scale

Our bespoke infrastructure is specifically designed to support you in the management of your health incidents while taking into account the industry regulations you operate in. This infrastructure is comprised of very experienced physicians, emergency specialists, occupational health doctors, registered nurses and case management teams to deal with the complexity and versatility of medical situations.

Reporting: Knowing is acting

We can provide you with regular Activity Reports. Reviewed by our health experts, these sets of data have only one objective: To help you understand what happened, where, and in which situations, so you can take actions in order to improve overall incident prevention.

With a strong focus on prevention, we can support your business continuity agenda at all times by providing timely and quality medical care to your employees, maintaining your productivity with the mitigation of potentially disruptive situations and reducing lost time. Furthermore, we can help you to reduce the number of expensive and unnecessary disembarkations and limit costly employee replacements.

Over the last 30 years, we have worked alongside some of the world’s largest companies to help them run their operations throughout their entire project lifecycle.

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