We can help you achieve your business objectives through our leading health expertise. Our subscription and medical staffing services are specifically designed to help you maintain the health of your workforce and ensure the continuity of day-to-day operations. 

Our clients often work in remote locations, far from the healthcare infrastructures necessary to support a successful business. We understand these difficulties and can provide specific health support and customised response plans via our global network of 4,800 health professionals – including emergency trained doctors, general practitioners, Advanced Life Support (ALS) medics, paramedics, and nurses.
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Embracing the unfamiliar

The world is a wildly varied and fast-changing place. When it comes to health and security, every location is different. The same applies to organisations; every set of needs are different. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to employee healthcare or security.

Therefore, our approach is consultative. We can help you assess the risks associated with every working environment and design appropriate preventive programmes – including training, procedures and policies – to protect you and your people at all times.


How it works

The level of health cover we offer ranges from providing a single on-site paramedic, to a full medical team including specialised doctors, lab technicians, consultants and administrators. Significantly, our staff will also be able to consult with additional health experts based in our global Assistance Centres 24 hours a day. 

In this way we can arrange second medical opinion, medical evacuations (if necessary) and provide wider expertise to deal effectively with all manner of emergencies. Wherever our health experts are deployed, they can rely on the backing of our Assistance Centres, health directors and quality assurance teams to help supervise and manage your health and operational needs.

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How it helps

Our service can benefit your business in four critical areas:

 > Compliance - We will help protect your company’s reputation by ensuring you meet specific industry regulations and best practices regarding onsite health care. Our experts will seek to improve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), helping you to guarantee your industry standing remains second to none.

> Business Continuity - We will provide timely and quality medical care to all your employees, reducing risks of illness and injury and avoiding costly delays to the successful running of your operations.

> Duty of Care - We will support your Duty of Care agenda at all times, allowing your business to attract, retain and motivate your employees. In line with your specific onsite requirements, we will organise the recruitment, training and management of the health staff we provide and ensure they have the appropriate experience and spoken language skills to seamlessly integrate with your team.

> With a strong focus on prevention, our solution aims at making your workplace safe for your employees to remain healthy and productive. Furthermore, it can help to reduce the severity of medical cases and the associated lost time due to injury/illness.

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