The importance of workplace health is evolving: governments around the world are asking organisations to not just preserve employee health, but to promote it. Often, setting requirements through local health and safety regulators.

The opportunity is great: improved employee health can lead to increased productivity, reduced injuries, improved safety, and reduced healthcare costs. Thus, wellness programmes targeted at improving employee health are becoming increasingly popular.

However, the task of delivering a globally consistent wellness programme that navigates complex local legislation/requirements, can be daunting.
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Our Solution

International SOS offers a range of global occupational health solutions:
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Work Related Stress

Health and safety regulators require employers to assess and control stress in the workplace, much in the manner that they are expected to manage other workplace hazards.

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Health Policies, Standards and Procedures 
Health policies describe the scenarios where health is important to an organisation. Examples might be emergency evacuation and response, first aid, hearing protection, pandemic flu planning, or health impact on local communities.

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Work Related Injury and Illness Reporting

Injury and illness are required to be reported by health systems, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, customers and governments. An organisation may even need to report these in tenders for large contracts.

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Health Screening

Many employees go on international assignment unaware of their personal health, Occupational Health and destination risks. MedFit is a health screening programme that provides clients with the global infrastructure and medical resources to minimise these risks.

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Alcohol and Drug Testing

The control of use of intoxicants in the workplace is a broad-based approach incorporating policy education, transparency and deterrence. It is essential that employers implement an Alcohol and Drug policy.

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Return to Work

Absence from work may be warranted by incapacity or the need for recovery. Organisations however, can incur significant costs through absence that is not warranted and attendance where employees are too unwell or too unsafe to attend work.

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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygienists use evidence based scientific procedures to measure toxic agents such as dusts, fumes and noise in the work environment and advise management on how to manage these risks to a practicable minimum and achieve legal compliance.

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