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Download our Risk Outlook 2021 Predictions Paper

For the fifth year in a row, we are proud to have developed the Risk Outlook report alongside Ipsos MORI. 2020 has shown that, on its own, the past is a poor guide to the future. But armed with this expert analysis and insight, leaders will be better equipped to navigate the uncertain times ahead.
Watch the 'Global Risk Outlook' session
Join global health and security experts - Dr Neil Nerwich, Mick Sharp & Dr Irene Lai - who will provide a glimpse at our health and security predictions for 2021. Helping you to better understand the year ahead and how best to plan for it.

Watch the 'Risk Outlook 2021 - Europe' session - English
Following our global predictions review, our regional experts provide a spotlight on what these will mean in Europe - sharing the must-know information on key issues and emerging trends.
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Mental health: Tackling the next health crisis

Organisations have the challenge of supporting the intangible nature of mental health as it is predicted to become the primary productivity disruptor next year. Experts in this session share how COVID-19 has created an opportunity to revamp mental resilience programmes and provide better support for employees.
Rebuilding trust & accuracy during an infodemic

The pandemic is accelerating geopolitical instabilities, while local security threats bubble underneath a ‘COVID myopia’ and the infodemic that is eroding trust in governments & health bodies. Advice, timely and accurate information has never been so important – experts address how to broaden, interrogate, and build a clear and trustworthy path to a infodemic-resilient future.
Redefining Duty of Care practices in a COVID-19 world

This session shines a light on the health and security risks that have gone unaddressed while everyone tries to keep their head above water in crisis mode. Join Occupational Health & Litigation experts as they discuss these ‘blind spots’ that can have long-term effects. They will also dive into the new roles and responsibilities that are emerging for Duty of Care leaders, breaking health, security, HR and C-Suite silos.

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