Building an effective Crisis Management Program
Enabling workforce resilience for your activities and staff
Sessions for each level of expertise: November 2021 - January 2022
Obtain a foundational understanding of Crisis Management in three sessions, or attend just one session, depending on your skill level.
Crisis Management Foundations:
November 02, 10:00 CET (English) & November 03, 10:00 CET (German)
  • How can Crisis Management help you protect your workforce?
  • What is the definition and characteristics of a crisis?
  • What is a crisis and what is not?
  • What resilience strategy to best deploy my Crisis Management organisation?
Crisis and Ourselves:
December 01, 10:30 CET (English) & December 02, 11:00 CET (German)
  • How to be the solution and not the problem in time of crisis?
  • Crisis and ourselves?
  • What are the antidotes to avoid failures?
  • Interoperability: horizontality vs verticality?
Crisis Management Problem Solving (Tips for advanced users):
January 12, 10:00 CET (English) & January 13, 10:00 CET (German)
  • What are Crisis Management three strategic deliverables? How to master them?
  • How to use them to get out of a crisis?
  • How to maintain a functional Crisis Management organisation over time?
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Meet the speakers:
Gautier Porot
Security Director
International SOS
Michel Kenel 
Simulation and Scenariodesign
Kenel Crisis Leadership Training


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